About Your Prince of Why

A few words about me, since my BS version of an “About” page still gets the third highest amount of hits on my blog.

I don’t live a terribly interesting or exciting life to other people. I’m fine with this. At the risk of sounding something trite, cliched and exaggerated, if only you could see things the way I do! Or feel the way I do about things! I find my life to be one of constant amazement, laughter, and wonder.

When I was younger, I didn’t choose any one single thing to be good at. As such, I am completely middling at a whole ton of things, and constantly in awe of people who are really talented at a singular thing. I have a huge love for writing, cooking, music, brewing beer, video games, movies and literature. Also, my cat. She’s better than pretty much everyone else I know.

As you read this, there will be a lot of sentiment. And nostalgia. And affection. And passion for really mundane things. I apologize for none of it, though if you critisize me for it in person, I will probably get really upset and wonder about the value judgment you’re making against me. And get really insecure.

That’s a lie. Even more insecure.

This is a blog about honesty, and love, and the things that seem to make my life worthwhile. If you have nothing positive to say, well, then don’t say anything. I’m not here seeking your approval.

But if you have anything positive to say, well … I’m totally here seeking your approval!

Everything else is just something I wrote down in the hopes of remembering my life in its moments. Or because I thought I was being clever.

Oh, and please subscribe so you get automatic updates, and so I can know the number of people who stalk me. Thanks!


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