Imposed Sense of Urgency: The “To Do” List

I’ve never gotten over jotting notes to myself. Despite the high likelihood that they’ll never amount to anything (note to self: publish a book of all the notes I’ve written to myself about books I wish to write), I still feel most at ease when I have a pen and scrap of paper handy. Ritualistically, when I arrive home from work and empty my pockets, I oft have to parse through 3-5 handwritten scraps reminding me to do things, to not do other things, or general life advice I don’t want to forget. Even right now, I have a note pinned to my cork board at work that simply says: “They always regret”

To Do ListHere’s a sample from my pocket today. I have a bunch of shit going on this weekend, and I wanted to make sure I remember all of it. Notice the red ink and use of exclamations! Each thing is as important as the others!

Anyway, here’s the list of things I need to do, not do, and keep in mind for the weekend. And yes, these are all jotted on scraps of paper or in my iPhone notepad.

  • Make a Hot Chip-based playlist!
  • Put the IPA in the keezer!
  • Make a yeast starter!
  • Go home after happy hour to pick up hundreds of dollars worth of brewing equipment!
  • Thank dad for the Xmas gift (brewing equipment)
  • No seriously – make a yeast starter tonight!
  • Watch videos on how to all-grain brew!
  • Ask The Mole for more advice on all-grain brewing!
  • Finish writing the apology email you never intend to actually send.
  • Write the letter you never intend to mail.
  • Do NOT listen to mopey music while writing the email or the letter.
  • Do NOT begin writing the letter after drinking all of the wine.
  • Do NOT convince yourself there’s something charming about opening a bottle of wine and listening to mopey music in dim lighting – this will lead to the letter and/or the email
  • Get your perspective back
  • See the people you miss
  • Remember what Klimchee said: I shouldn’t feel anxious for not being able to see everyone I want to see. No one is trying to make me feel guilty. I am lucky to be so loved.
  • Watch a movie sitting long-wise on the couch, so Kir can snuggle for at least 2 hours. Maybe finally watch Mary and Max and then don’t tell XYT
  • Play with Kir for at least 30 minutes, or until she quits.
  • Do NOT watch the LCD Soundsystem documentary after you drink all the wine and ponder the letter or the email.
  • Make that tortilla recipe and the black beans!
  • Pick up wings!
  • Do NOT wear the Torrey Smith jersey for the game on Sunday. Last few weeks presented viable data for the existence of some form of jersey curse.
  • Reread the chapter on wheat beers!
  • Get to bed early on Monday – you have a hearing this week!
  • Maybe some video games if there’s time.

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