Because Sometimes You Need to Be Reminded: Perspective

I was out for a walk with a friend of mine the other day. I’d been in a rather deep funk, leaving me sullen and less-than-enthusiastic about things in general. It’s always a big tell to people when I’m not talking excitedly about things like the cup of coffee I had that morning or … I dunno … punctuation or some shit. The things I get excited about.

So my friend, knowing I’ve been down about things, just asks how I’m doing.

“I’m not feeling great,” I say. “I feel like I am spinning my wheels. I’m not really enjoying a lot of how I’ve been spending my social time. My romantic life is a fucking train wreck. My apartment is a mess and I just don’t care. I have a billion chores to do, but when I get home from work at 10:00, all I want to do is eat ramen and watch West Wing. I just don’t feel very excited about anything right now, and its really making me upset. I just feel so lonely. It’s like everything is just a bit off.”

We sip our coffees.

“But how about you?” I ask him, “What’s going on with you?”

“Well, tomorrow I have to drive my two-year-old to the hospital to say goodbye to her grandmother, and try to explain to her what death is.”

We sip our coffees.

“Well,” I say, “I’m almost out of cat food. Shit’s tough all around.”


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