Not much of an update but …

I promised a friend I would write more. She made a good case for it. And that will come. But in the meantime …

My friends are right now making me laugh out loud on the Google +. There’s a glass of wine in my hand, my work Blackberry is blowing up with interesting new developments in my case, there’s a cat in my lap, a beer and a cider both noisily bubbling away in the corner. I imparted advice on a dear friend this evening. I stayed late to get real things accomplished, at the expense of missing a trainer session, but my arms and chest muscles hurt so right that I don’t mind at all. And I just sang along with “The Hero of Canton.”

Its these kinds of moments that we forget are the amazing ones. I used to strive for some kind of unattainable happiness. I think what really makes it all worth it is that sense of contentment.

That’s when you really feel loved. Feel love.

And sincerely, thanks Kate.


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