The Fixer

When I got home from my trip tonight, I was dismayed to find that Kir’s fountain had stopped working. Over the years, it’s had a pretty spotty record of the working perfectly versus completely ceasing to flow its beautiful, crisp, clean waters for my kitten’s enjoyment and nourishment. At times when the fountain ceases function, Kir’s method of obtaining water tends less towards the “oh look, there’s still water in the base of this fountain” and more towards the “FUCK YEAH TIME TO KNOCK OVER WATER GLASSES ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE WOOOOOO!”

Yes, Kir thinks in Wooos.

Like any 21st Century American, I immediately began to surf the internet for places that sell the same fountain, as the obvious recourse was to replace the broken machinery with a newer version. Money solves all problems, n’est-ce pas? (FN1)

What follows is directly in line with my previous post, as I must say that I am tickled pink, over the moon, and completely enthralled with what I instead chose to do: I fixed that mother fucker!

Like an intelligent 21st Century American, I googled the shit out of “Drinkwell Fountain Platinum motor problems” and read and read and read for 20 minutes. Honestly, I can’t say what inspired me to do this, but I am really proud that I took this course of action. After reading a few guides, I actually disassembled the motor, soaked the pieces in white vinegar and water, scrubbed the shit out of everything, pieced it all back together, and et voila! (FN2) The water be flowing again, like a goddamned miniature Niagara!

It should be noted that this accomplishment is minor, at best, and even the term “accomplishment” is a stretch. But rest assured, dutiful reader, that I am sitting here with a glass of wine in hand, listening to my kitteh lap away at the flow of water, and grinning like a fucking moron. Like the cat that got the cream. Like self-satisfied me.

I’m very glad, as I discover more and more about who I am at this age, that I’m the type of person who would like to try to solve a problem instead of stress out about it or choose to throw money at it to make it go away. It’s really not much, but its something. And its something that I really like.

Whilst on my trip, I actually thought up a new story, which I’ve begun post-it-ing and scribbling around in the hopes of sitting down to write. Its been a very long time since the inspiration has struck me, and I’m actually contemplating buying myself an actual, for real notebook to start jotting down my writer’s thoughts.

Its been far too long.

I’ve decided I’m going to make the Chicken Marsala again soon, and take lots of pictures so I can post the recipe and make it look all enticing and pretty and delicious. So if anyone wants to come by for dinner sometime next week, please make a comment or shoot me an email or text about it. I’m happy to cook for one and drink wine with Kir, but I always like the company.

Now to enjoy the quite lap lap lap of a cat content with her life. Or at least her working fountain.


  1. I’ve started listening to my French lessons again.
  2. And its going to get annoying!

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