The Year of Saying Yes (2)

I had been working on a post about my fears for 2012.  They come in two flavors: 1) After all the luck that happened for me in 2011, I fear I may be close to tapping out the natural luck reserves that were probably supposed to last me my entire lifetime and 2) Now that the Year of Saying Yes is over, have I learned any permanent lessons? Has my life truly changed, or was this an experiment in adjustments not shifts? I seriously started a rant that was full of self-paranoia and a renewed sense of urgency for taking action in my life.

I don’t want to be fat again.

I don’t want to be unhappy.

But before I could finish drafting the matter, an answer presented itself this very AM.

Gchat from Micah: “We should think about buying tickets to Pax East.”

Gchat from PrinceofWhy: “Yes. Yes we should.”

And then tickets were immediately bought.

If anyone wants to join us for the nerdiest roadtrip of the year, we’ll be driving up to Boston on April 5, attending the Expo on Friday and Saturday, driving back on Sunday. Tickets are only $70 for the two days – not a bad deal at all!

So yeah, looks like I’ll still be making good decisions for adventure times this year.




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