A Very Adult Xmas

Get your mind out of the gutter.

No, this year I celebrated Xmas in ways that truly reminded me of my impending 32nd birthday.  But on the whole, I would say the entirety of the holidays this year shall be marked down as one of my favorites.

The highlights:

  • Kir’s first Xmas tree and lights.
  • Participation in the Santa Deception for my nieces, followed (the next morning) by hours and hours of unfastening toys from the GD police zip ties that strangle Bullseye to his cardboard backing.
  • Presents! Including, and actually limited to, the following: SWTOR, Flight to Arizona (paid for finally), Parking Tickets (paid for finally), new work clothes, a sugar bowl and an iron, a print that no one seems to like but me, dinner at Little Serow and lunch at District Commons.
  • And presents for Kir, including her new Hex Bug which has been a HUGE hit!
  • Island of Misfit Toys Doctor Who Xmas Special Party!
  • A metric shit-ton of (re)watching Doctor Who
  • Visits over the course of the week to/with/from The Mole (and Mrs. Mole), the Dutchies, The Beardsies (and Mrs. Beardsy with her new single about to drop!), the Others, Emmett’s Mom and Dad, and an entire extended weekend of XYT.
  • Medieval New Years where everyone was sparkly beautiful (especially the tin-foil helmet) and Nik’s pirate shirt was the hit of the evening.
  • First RPing of the new year, including the introduction of Maria Na to the process and the inception and subsequent elimination of Gryphon Schmeltz. All this despite a lack of vampire trees.

I will have more to say on a lot of these things, especially if I can get off my butt and complete my “year in review” post wherein many of you are quoted and/or thanked and I put a final spit-shine on what can easily be called “The Most Unexpected Year of My Life (Thus Far).”

But I will say this – for those I saw over the holidays as well as for those I did not: Thank you all for making me feel like I was a part of your lives.


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