Its one of thos…

Its one of those nights at this point – I put a song on, it’ll be on repeat for a while, and I will probably dance a la Buffalo Bill in the mirror all night.

Gatorfan and I won bottles of Malbec during the Xmas party. We opted to hang at her place, drink all of the wine, and discuss “how are things,” which is never a short conversation. DKay showed up towards the end (I need a better nickname for him) and it definitely served as a reminder of how lucky I am to have made new friends that strike deeper than simple acquaintances. DKay and I discussed our NYE apparel plans – suits are not in order. We shook on it.

I left, tipsy, and wandered the few blocks back to my house. Inevitably I ran into Yoga, who was walking her dog and who caught me playing golf with my ostentatious umbrella. Much mocking ensued, followed by the standard awkwardness of dealing with Yoga, who doesn’t do well with the word “No.”

But the headphones went on, and “Blinking Pigs” went on, and Kir was very satisfied to see me. And although the light was on at Cynji’s old place, I can assure you no one worthwhile was home.

Note One: I am thankful that I stayed out late enough that my desire to download SWTOR dissipated with the reality that I, like all good adults, should go to bed soon.

Note Two: Little Dragon – Fuck Yeah!

Note Three: Living around here alone isn’t as terrible as it could be, as long as I stay proactive like I have been. 

Note Four: Kir says “MRRRRRRR-YEOW!” so I best log off now. She gets lonely too, after all.


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