In the Morning of the Magicians

I recently discovered that I have an overwhelming attachment to Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.” Listening to it the other evening, I actually started weeping a bit.

I recognize that I am a sentimental, nostalgic person at heart, but something about this album, its absence in my life and the life that it was present for, the disconnect between the two, the outcomes unexpected and disappointments, the people come and gone since. How unbelievably long ago that life was! How unbelievably far away! How different that person was.

There was a time. That was the soundtrack to a life. I wonder if those people would even believe this is where things would get to.

It comes in more than one shape. Oh, the sadness you will experience! But oh, too, the joys you cannot even fathom! You are young, and you shine, and you feed yourself on hope. The real experiences will be so much better than anything you are imagining. Different, but not disappointing.

Oh, to be in Innisfree again.


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