I’m travelling to Chicago for my first ever hearing. As of Tuesday, I will officially be a litigator – not in the sense of “my job may someday require it” but in a very real, “I just had my first litigation” sense. Its fucking awesome. Two days from now, I will be able to say “yes, I totally did it.”

It’s humbling.

I know the Mole wants my reviews of the few games I have been able to play, but for now I don’t have the time I need to wax on dick jokes (Shadows of the Damned) or boobs (Catherine). I promise a solid review of each sometime in the future…

It was an amazing weekend. Two in a row. I can’t explain it beyond this bewildering feeling that I don’t understand what the hell I was doing with myself before I was doing all of these things. I am surrounded, for now, with a plethora (that word means what I think it means) of opportunities. Sincere thanks to Micah and Christine, who I haven’t come up with blog names for yet but I don’t think they actually read this anyway so they won’t know …

I’m going to bed tonight so full of something more than contentment… the fact that I fly tomorrow to Chicago for my first hearing isn’t really registering. More so, its how mundane the thing is where I am travelling to Chicago tomorrow is –  that somehow doesn’t even register as a big deal.

Life got so different.

No one cares, I know 🙂 But to me, it continues to be amazing.

Do check out the Google+ pics, which made me laugh the entire time I took them and which really won’t be funny at all to anyone else at all. Regardless, it was a great weekend.

And PS – Matt, I’m in for your birthday.


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