The Rules to Booty Bounce

First, credit due where credit is deserved: Beardsy and XYT were integral in the invention of this game, though I imagine others will also chime in for credit (Glynn, I believe, was also a major player). That’s what post-posting edits are for!

Second, I sent out word to those three, and received numerous and elaborate responses to my inquiry about the rules of Booty Bounce. Suffice it to say, while some of us only remember this game as something we did drunkenly and enthusiastically, clearly the progenitors know these rules down to their bones.

Finally, since I am going to quote him, I will say this about Beardsy: His writing and general creativity have never ceased to amaze me in all the years I have known him. Fine, he writes for perhaps THE most upstanding newspaper in the country – but this is exactly some of his best work (even beyond his ceaseless and talented DMing). I quote now from his email explaining the rules, replete with all of the subtlety these rules require. I only hope that we can play a game soon, and to a degree that would make them all thusly proud!

Rules to Booty Bounce:

(Editor’s Note: The song “Booty Bounce” by DJ Booty Bounce should be playing at the start, possible on infinite repeat. For every initial round roll, everyone rolling must chant BOOTYBOOTYBOOTYBOOTYBOOTYBOOTY-BOUNCE! with the BOUNCE part coinciding with dice leaving the hands)

Everyone rolls 2d6 together.  High rolls win. Doubles trump.

  • If you lose, you take a drink.
  • If you roll a carrickey (no idea how to spell that, it’s a 3, a terrible game, and the lowest possible roll in booty bounce) you auto lose and take an extra drink.
  • If someone wins by getting doubles, and no one else does, then the winner rolls the tripler, and everyone drinks what the tripler demands of them.
  • If double sixes are rolled it’s called a triple play. The player must yell triple play and then everyone gets judged.
  • If the initial roll-off is tied, there is a double-off. Both players frantically roll 2d6 against each other in a race to get doubles. All other players judge the double-off. Both dice must be rolled. They can be fumbled, but must be rolled in the same motion. A quorum of other players can declare any double-off roll invalid. The-double off is a race to get doubles. The winner wins and the loser is judged by the winner. Any double counts and there are no trump doubles. This is important because:
  • The same rules apply in a triple-off as in a double-off, but if you lose, you must seek the bauble.
  1. The tripler is a d4 — it is rolled when someone gets a triple play and it makes demands of losers
  2. The judge is a d10 — losers are always judged by the victor
  3. The bauble seeker is a d12 — the bauble seeker is the refuge of the almost victor, it is an introspective place one goes when they have reached but failed.
And remember the second most important rule of booty bounce: it is to be played at high speed and and with good humor. There is no arguing and no ill-will. All decisions are made by the group (specifically those not involved in any particular roll-off) and it is highly encouraged that the group always favors results that result in further rolling and increased stakes. So even if a roll-off isn’t technically a tie, if it’s remotely close the group is encouraged to loudly proclaim it a tie.
And the most important rule of booty bounce: Booty bounce loves losers. If you lose you will drink small, comfortable amounts in a spirit of good humor. Booty bounce loves winners. Win and you only drink when you want to. Booty Bounce hates graspers and impostors. The worst thing you can do is get close and almost win. That’s when the big dice come out. So if there is ever a tie in a triple-off, and you are encouraged to fudge it so that  happens, keep adding dice, and keep increasing the punishment for losing.
And be boisterous. That’s the essence of the game.
Have I mentioned recently that I heart my friends?

One thought on “The Rules to Booty Bounce

  1. A few additions and clarifications:
    It is proper and appropriate to keep between 1 and 3 blender pitchers full of beer on hand to make refilling easy.
    Spills are to be played around, and not cleaned until the end of a game.
    Games are played to 12 points. You get a point when you win any given hand. We call rolls hands for the same reason double sixes are triple plays and the d4 is the tripler.
    It is customary for the winner of a game to be the scorekeeper for the next game. This raises the chances that the most sober person at the table is in charge of the score. Under no circumstances are you to ever allow Chaz to keep score. If you do there is a great chance you will play for up to an hour before realizing that no score has been kept.
    Also, other than d6s, which should be in abundance, there should only be ONE of each other type of die. There aren’t triplers, judges and bauble seekers. There is THE tripler, THE judge and THE bauble seeker.
    Occasionally, and for no apparent reason, it is necessary for the winner of a hand to roll the Pepto pink d8 and have everyone celebrate its wisdom by sharing the drink. It is in the spirit of the game to loudly and enthusiastically agree. The Pepto pink d8 is used for little else, and one would hate to leave him on the outside looking in. This should, of course, only be done after momentous hands, such as a lengthy roll-off or when someone chases the bauble, and should probably only happen once a game. It is lame to call this after a normal, non doubles win. Don’t be that gal/guy.

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