Friday = YDL; or, Helping Me Make Important Life Decisions

Were I fit, tan and vapid I would probably wish to GTL today. Instead, I will be resting up for tomorrow with some YDL: Yoga, Dinner with the neighbors, Laundry.

You wish your life was this awesome!

I brought a bunch of trade-ins today and I am determined to buy myself something pretty and fun to pass the time. So I thought I’d try out a poll!

Here are he main games in the running, replete with reviews that make my nerdchops all moist. (Feel free to skip the reviews and just base your answer off of my brief summary)

  • Catherine – Touted as an “adult game” by Atlus, the game features the signature Atlus anime-style come-hither characters and an absurdist (read: very Japanese) sense of humor. Reviews have since stated that the game is less about a romance story and more about an exploration of the ruminations of being a decision-making adult. That’s when you’re not running around in your underwear solving gigantic box puzzles while weirdly violent imagery of parenthood and commitment come at you. Weird? Perhaps. But it sounds so engaging from a storytelling perspective, and it looks just as pretty as anything else Atlus puts out.
  • Shadows of the Damned – I heart Suda51. Heart him to pieces. No More Heroes was a masterpiece of nostalgia and crazy-ass-shit. Coupled with Resident Evil creative force Shinji Mikami, I can’t help but think this game will be some kind of otaku/fan service/suspense thriller/survival horror orgy. In other words, its combining a bunch of things I love into one complete package. I mean, I like buffalo wings and I like milkshakes, right …
  • Deadly Premonition – simultaneously beloved and reviled by critics and gamers alike, I get the feeling I will be on the “love it” side of this equation. Straight up survival horror with some quirkiness thrown in for good measure!
Hopefully this poll will work AND a few people will actually answer it.

2 thoughts on “Friday = YDL; or, Helping Me Make Important Life Decisions

  1. I went with Catherine because puzzle games interest me much more than survival horror, but it sounds like with your tastes you can’t go wrong here.

    • Yeah, and ultimately I will probably end up buying each of these over the years. But with life so busy (in a good way) recently, I don’t have the time or even the interest to play games like I use to.

      Also, these specific games seemed like they might be good conversation starters, hence my poll/post on the matter.

      Really the choices should just have been:

      1) game I will like
      2) game I will like
      3) game I will like

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