Surprises from Foxes; or, Just Say Yes

When Chiggs makes his monthly recommendations, I admit I don’t go very in depth researching which records to buy. I typically just trust his write-ups, and usually I have a good idea of who the band is anyway or what I am looking for. Only twice has the following happened:

  1. Get album based on Chiggs’ write-up
  2. Excitedly pop on album
  3. Immediately wonder what the hell Chiggs was describing

Thankfully, the epilogue there is typically that I give the album another few chances and I find myself completely and incorrectly (based on expectations) enamored. This happened last year with Gigi.

This happened this week with Fleet Foxes.

I'm fairly positive the Fleet Foxes are made up of various emo poke-foxes.

Its essentially vocally harmonic like Simon and Garfunkel, but with less haunting and more upbeatedness. Along with Telekinesis, it is quickly becoming my summertime jam. Plus a sprinkling of old Broken Social Scene B-Sides from back when they had an ambient sound thing going on.

In case you don’t read my Buzz feed or my Twitter account (and why wouldn’t you want as much of me in your life as you can get?), my Year of Saying Yes continued today with signing up for a 5K with a twist. And apparently, a lot of my Baltimore friends had already signed up for it, so we’re bringing an army of zombie runners (and possibly camping out overnight, who knows?!).  I signed up for the 3:0o Wave with Emmet’s Dad, N8 and possibly XYT, so if you’re interested in running from zombies through a branching path obstacle course in the muddy woods, followed by beers, you should do the same!

This is pretty much exactly what it will look like when I run for my life ... from hot zombie schoolgirls .... ummmmmmmm, rethinking plan...

I am starting to have weird run-ins around here. In Baltimore I couldn’t go to the mall without running into someone I knew in High School. Here, I see people I knew from college all over the place. Being awkward and horrible with names, I generally make eye contact, look down, look again and give an exaggerated double-take, then put my head even lower and scuttle off, usually thinking something like, “Boy, how did she get even MORE attractive since college? Sure wish I remembered her name instead of who she made out with at a party once.”

Getting sent to the home of the stolen football team US Synchro team for work next week. Looks like I am going to be spending a lot more time on the road in the next few months. Pondering whether Kir will need AC while I am gone, or if she’ll just learn to love the heat and humidity.

Oh, and this weekend I am going to a range to shoot Sporting Clays! Its like shooting real clays, only in captivity (which is less cruel than hunting and killing clays in their natural habitat – mud).

Enjoy the weather, chumps.


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