The Secret to Successful Blogging …

As I have noted before, apparently the way to get tons of hits on my blog is to post about some personal hurt and/or drama – the spikes in traffic here are remarkable on such days!

But success, to me, is when readers enjoy the content and come back. As one intrepid reader put it, “less apologetic blog posts. More awesome blog posts.”

I didn’t say intellectual reader. Just intrepid. (jaykayheartyouMole!)

I don’t know that I have anything awesome to say at the moment. I was speaking to Henri* about WoW and how amazing it is how little either of us miss the thing. I think the general bleeding off of good friends as well as duplicitous content (read: hard modes) and a general sense of wanting to see the outside world really killed it completely for me. Henri’s motivations are different, but we both agree that good decisions were made, handshakes and harumphs all around.

Which reminds me, I am still infatuated with Business Cat, and often converse with Kir in ways leading to “wet food on top of the comics boxes…. YOU EARNED IT!” And based on her assigned goals of 1) Sleeping a lot 2) attacking my feet when I walk by and 3) otherwise ignoring the shit out of me,  she definitely HAS earned it.

I am also leaving dead mice on my coworkers desks as a way to build camaraderie and team spirit. They also earned it! Although I am fairly certain they have no idea just how awesome Business Cat meme is… or that it exists.

My life is currently devoid of any photographs. Between me being fat and me being gross-looking and also fat, there’s nary a good pic to be seen form the last 5 years or more. I’m thinking I just need one good picture of myself, which I will then ask Henri to photoshop to make it look like I have done extensive traveling in my life to everywhere I’ve always wanted to go – Chile, Italy, Spain, Krynn, Hogwarts and Endor all come to mind immediately. I think I’d rather do that then pay to get my diplomas framed, and hang my travels in my office. Because making ME laugh is the most important thing …

So besides loving my job and getting completely wrapped up in yoga, I’m trying hard to be open to new things and get myself off the couch and out into the world. Something I am finding out there – people in this city aren’t, on the whole, particularly nice to strangers. Or rather, perhaps I should say that outside of my own neighborhood (which is actually a delightful little small town in the middle of the big city), I find that the District is generally full of unhappy-looking people, scowling as they walk, head-down-headphones-plugged-in from each destination to the next. Don’t get me wrong, I can be as grumpy and curmudgeonly as the next person in DC – but where I am from, this kind of made me unique. I was the sarcastic, cynical asshole in high  school, too hip to kn0w that the emo-wave had already started and I was riding high on its intense sexual power.**

At any rate, my current plan has been to smile widely at all the scowling people, especially the younger and prettier ones in sundresses, and to try to get at least one person in this city to stop taking things so seriously.  So far, I think this is just making me the Creeper on the Metro.

After a most-uncomfortable moment reading a graphic and humiliating sex scene from The Wind-up Girl whilst on the Metro (and blushing uncontrollably as I read it), the book has moved more into the realm of Neo-Buddhism, post-collapsed economy and eco-disaster violence on a future Earth. Its a good piece of sci-fi, though I am not as compelled with it as I have been with other recent reads, such as the Etched City. Nonetheless, I would recommend it for a bit of actiony summer fun.

Next up for me, a tweener favorite!

Finally, all the E3 excitement reminded me fondly of my own E3 visit a few years back. I’m finding myself disappointed in the state and future of gaming in the event that “fad gaming” continues to be heralded as the norm. Inherently, I believe gaming has survived many years in part as a niche market. The advent of motion gaming made gaming seem more mainstream, for sure… Or perhaps “seem” is off-base, when everyone’s grandparents now own a g.d. Wii, and Rock Band/Guitar Hero became a fun Xmas activity with the kids (instead of the mid-point of a drunken debauch). But as I look at the offerings at the Expo this year, I am thoroughly disappointed in the ways we long-dedicated gamers are being thrust aside to make way for 3D gaming, or classic game types made ineffectual and likely broken by the use of Kinect/Move/Wii-U technology.

My kingdom for a game using a controller!

InFamous 2 is in hand (though tonight I will finish a second playthrough of 1 to have both a fully good and a fully evil character before I start 2). It is amazing to me how much I loved LA Noire at first, and how way-sided its used and bloated corpse has been cast… perhaps more on this later.

Recipe of the Week: Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables! (augmented by tidbits from my favorite roast chicken erver!)

* It should be noted that conversations with Henri and Sindy generally take place in tandem, one in the room and the other taking care of a not-so-sleepy baby. This requires amazing levels of proficiency and expertise in remembering exactly where I am in the conversation with one as well as the other, leading to transitions like “… and so he gave me a cream and the warts cleared right out of the crack…. oh, see ya Henri! Hello Sindy! So anyway, as I was saying, I’m really not sure the difference between the various types of yarns used to make a funeral sex quilt…”

** Almost none of this sentence is even remotely true. Except the part about emo being full of sexual power… I bet the Promise Ring got sooooo many handies back in the day. And also probably cried while receiving them, thinking about their ex girlfriends and their unmended hearts …


2 thoughts on “The Secret to Successful Blogging …

  1. Completely off topic, but I finally read Pattern Recognition. I enjoyed it, but it felt so self indulgent. Like a “wow, if it wasn’t so smart I’d never catch all these references.”

    So I’m not sure which part I liked. Feeling smart or being on the inside of a joke (like Clerks II for example). Or if it was just a good book.

    I’ll have to read more just to be sure.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • I 100% agree on Pattern Recognition as well as the others in that trilogy. On some level, I think it will not hold up to the test of time, as it will someday read like a pure reference and name-dropping “moment in time” piece rather than a fully-functioning piece of independent art.

      Sadly, I believe this will also be the fate of things like the Simpsons, Futurama and (to a much lesser degree of me caring) Family Guy.

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