That was a terrible thing to do …

I wrote a post. It was intended purely for me. I published it as public first, then switched it to private. Apparently, that doesn’t mater, as I have since seen my private post on Reader and on Livejournal.

Something that was intended to be my own thoughts, my own negative take on a situation, my own viewpoint that was one-sided, self-righteous and entirely unfair is now out there. For that, I sincerely apologize to the wronged parties.

Obviously, I need to be more careful in the future with what I post and how I post it.


Please, for those of you who have read whatever it is, know that my version of the situation is not a fair representation whatsoever. My only defense is that, as you can tell by the use of names versus my consistent practice of NOT using names on the blog, this was clearly not something thought-out nor intended for mass consumption.



– The Management


One thought on “That was a terrible thing to do …

  1. One thing to try is to keep the post public, but edit the content to say “Nothing to see here”. But it has to be the original post.

    I also highly recommend Evernote for an online/desktop/iDevice journal.

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