DC Adventures: Oyamel

The original plan for today was the DMV, but alas, that sucker is closed on Mondays. Tomorrow shall be blowful.

So Logain and I changed our plans and hit up lunch today at Oyamel, part of the Jose Andres suite of delicious restaurants (so I am told). My favorite part was walking down 7th until I started worrying that I had gone too far, calling Logain and, as it was ringing, looking up to see I was literally right outside the restaurant.

Have I told you I am an idiot?

Anyway, I decided to be that DB and take pictures at the restaurant, so please to be enjoying: lunch!

For starters, I am off all week and Logain definitely demanded I make the most of Day Drinking whilst I can. So I ordered the signature margarita:

My first experience with foam.

Yeah, I’ll admit it – I have never actually experienced foam during its heyday as the go-to quirk in culinary creation. So I was kind of blown away by the foam on the margarita – a salt foam! Awesomeness.

Logain, in the spirit of sharing, ordered a few small plates for us to share. The cheese dish was delicious but, like me,  photographed poorly.

Gooey in a non-sexual way!

Also to be shared was a plate of papas fritas with mole and queso fresca. This is as unbelievably good as it sounds.

How do I write a caption?

As I said, Logain was being very sharing and thoughtful in his order. I, on the other hand, was a selfish dick. For MYSELF, I ordered tres tacos. The left one below is lengua, or braised beef tongue. The one on the right is a combination of goat, lamb and veal. Yes, all three in one place.

The left one is french kissing my belly.

And of course, how could I got to Oyamel without trying the chapulines?! I mean other than not actually having ever heard of the place or chapulines until today …. but anyway, please to be enjoying:

They did not prepare well for the winter ...

I would say the lengua was the best of them all, but damn if I didn’t just have grasshoppers for lunch.

Sadly, I was 10 minutes late to get back to my car and got a parking ticket. I will need to continue moving the car for the remainder of the day, then rush out the door in the morning to hit the DMV, cause $30 for a day of parking is a bit steep in my book.

At any rate, in addition to the surprise brunch with Henri and Sindy yesterday and the surprise dinner with Din and Laura last night, (and minus the stupid parking ticket) this has been a good start to DC living. Thursday we’re doing Chinatown lunch for some delicious duck. And right now, I am putting off running to Harris Teeter or even Safeway and just enjoying my margarita brain cloud.

Things could be going much worse, I’d say.


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