This is why I pay for Amazon Prime …

I have been using my lunch breaks to run errands the last few weeks. MVA run for license renewal, different place to get tags and title switched, Bed Bath & Beyond to turn in a coupon on an old receipt, run to make copies and get forms faxed to the various and numerous people in need of copies of my resume, residential history, fingerprints  and blood, too much of the Post Office. And still I am in need of more errand-running, which is getting old real quick and I would love to be having lunch with my friends here before I hit the old dusty trail.

So today I took advantage of my Amazon Prime status and ordered a few things online. Free 2-Day shipping, bitches! And it also taught me an important lesson – Jack Donaghy has me convinced in the quality of GE microwaves, which is kind of blowing my mind.

Seriously, I bought a GE microwave out of some weird preference. And I don’t have any basis for this preference, other than 30 Rock. Should have sprung for the Tri-vection oven …

So things are undecided at the moment. Or rather, certain things like my pre-move (getting my shit in the door) and my actual move (getting myself in the door) dates. I know that tonight I get my keys, and I am bringing some boxes with me, tomorrow I am hopefully getting the last of my things out of the house or, if tomorrow fails, getting it on Sunday. But Sunday is calling for rain, so I may not be bringing things down until next weekend.

Meh, mundane details that no one cares about.(Although if you’re free to help me move shit in, I would really give you a beer and a hug, possibly at the same time and then we could have a cute moment where the beer is crushed between us and shoots up and sprays you in the face, maybe even up the nose, and then we laaaaaaaaaaaaugh …)

The cool thing will be the weekend of the 12th, when I am planning on coming down with some tunes, a bunch of boxes to unpack, and likely a decent amount of booze. If anyone wants to hang with me in the new place that weekend, please let me know. I can’t promise excitement but I can promise face-time with me which is pretty much the most awesomest awesome that ever did awesome.

Hell, I might even offer to make wings if anyone would be seriously interested in a low-key, box unpacking hangout. Let me know!

Keeping my chin up. Looking forward to the new.


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