Potential Horizons

I have hesitated sharing many of these things for several reasons, the first of which is that I don’t wish to jinx them or make them not come true. Another is that my life is split into two factions, and I am about to disappoint one of them…

While I’ve been getting knocked senseless in one area of my life, it has somehow been coming up unexpectedly in my favor in all others. As I recently said to my nerd friends, I have been rolling non-stop natural 20s.

I passed the bar, first try, which is not to say this is a unique or even special accomplishment, but it certainly equates to a milestone in my own life. Subsequently, I started my job search. Let’s just say it was fruitful.

Without getting too much into the details, I got a job in Northern Virginia/DC area. The original plan was to take the MARC train from Baltimore every day, and try to keep working on my life in Baltimore. With the job covering public transportation and my wanting to stay close to my comfort zone, this seemed like the best option.

Sadly, things in Baltimore became untenable.

Then Henrisan called me, newborn sleeping in the background, whispering excitedly. The apartment next to his unit opened up. Right at the cheap end of my price range. Dupont Circle. Short commute to work. Close friends all around. Next door to Henri. “It’ll be like Friends!”

Saw the apartment on my birthday with my dad. He was blown away. I was blown away.

Right now I am holding in my hands the lease agreement (and lead paint waivers). In the last 3 months: new career, new job, newly single, new home, new city, new social choices.

New life.

I am holding in my hands some papers. Something simple and mundane, just a contract and some moneys due.

Yet the nostalgic part, the part of me that feels the exhausting weight of this all …

I am holding in my hands the first steps into a new, unexpected, and unpredictable life.

So I will send these off, and maybe it really will be like Friends. But please, please, please, I am asking the Universe and everyone in DC and the surrounding areas who can help to make this into an actuality…

Please be kind, Universe. Please make this all something good.

So I guess, welcome me to DC. I hope to see you all soon.


14 thoughts on “Potential Horizons

  1. Wow! I had no idea you were looking in the area. It’ll be nice to have you closer by. Congratulations on the new job and new place! I guess I’ll have to come into the city to visit you and Henri more often!

    • Henri, I believe, will be attempting to stage a coup to have the weekly game held in my swinging new pad. I am flexible, but it remains to be seen whether this happens.

      Yes, I did just invite myself to the weekly game 🙂

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