God of War III

I’ve only been able to play for about an hour, but its easy to forget why this series is so popular in-between mainstay releases. One hour is more than enough to remind you that God of War is King of this genre.

Within that hour, I have already very graphically eviscerated a centaur (replete with oodles of bowel noodles), defeated several crab/horse/water snake monsters who were attempting to disembowel Gaia (mother of the Titans), climbed Mount Olympus on the back of a Titan, watched scores of humanoids and demi-gods die, suffered very real vertigo while admiring the view from the precipice, and killed a god.

Yep. Killed a god. One. And this is Faux-Roman History, so don’t think that was any kind of turning point.

I won’t even say HOW I killed the god, or which god it was, but everything about his death was gruesome and powerful and spectacular. Vengeance awaits, and I see a whole pantheon of dieties with bulls-eyes on their nutsacks.

So this game is visceral and epic, as ere the series has been since its inception. The storytelling and pacing are quick, and the puzzles, including boss fight puzzles, have thus far stressed concentration over reflex.

Looking forward to more outrageous man-gaming.


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