Prince my ass – I am the King of Weekend BBQ

Advanced planning paid off – Saturday was the perfect day for a BBQ, and I kicked that BBQ’s ass in the balls!

While wife was off on a potentially wonderful, heartbreaking and wistful errand (link to be inserted later today), I woke up early, hit up the Shopper’s Food Warehouse for a giant bag of charcoal, and I was a-smokin’ me some pork butt!

I’ve never done smoked BBQ before, so the entire thing had potential clusterfuck written all over it. Once I washed that off, though, the meat enjoyed a slow, smokey bath in my massive catering grill (for serious, I have a grill designed for catering use – thanks for the recommendation, J.R.) Hickory wood chips provided a delicious aromatic choking fog on my deck for the remainder of the day, but all those carcinogens were worth it.

After 7 hours in the smoker, the payoff was a smoked pork butt in a spice rub of cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. It literally fell apart as I moved it from the grill to the pan. I shredded that shit, served it with a homemade Carolina-Style BBQ sauce which is a yellow mustard base with hot sauce and apple cider vinegar, slowly simmered with onions, garlic, and ham hocks for about an hour, then strained and served only as a finishing sauce. Carolinans will, I am told, literally form an angry pitchfork and torches mob and hunt you down if you try to cook your meat in this sauce.

Accompanying the pork butt were some 3 hour smoked ribs (could have gone a bit longer) and a MD-style pit beef. For those who don’t know, pit beef is the culinary opposite of a smoked pork butt – while the pork smoked all day long to come out tender and juicy, the pit beef marinates in a spice rub for 3 days and then it charred over a high heat for only about 20 minutes. While I prefer a nice medium rare (or even rare) for my pit beef, my diners all agreed the pit beef was juicy and flavorful and perfectly cooked. Served it with gobs of horseradish and some thinly sliced onions. Thats it.

I will take this moment to commend how awesome I am and how much foresight I have – I was mocked when I bought a deli slicer. I was mocked when I pulled it out on Saturday. In general I was mocked repeatedly over the course of my life the span of my owning the slicer. But NOTHING beats pit beef sliced paper thing and still sweating its own juices, soaked up on a simple bun. NOTHING.

Oh, and BL Lime season is in full effect! Once the weather starts getting warm like this, wife buys BL Limes in bulk and drinks them in lieu of water. Also showers in them. Also chugs them after runs. Also may be feeding them to the doggins, as their farts have been smelling a bit limey.

Side note: grilling out and smoking meat all day has one hilarious consequence I was hitherto unaware of: my boogers have all been jet black since Saturday. Mark that down in the Awesome column.

Anyone interested, I am happy to send you my spice rub recipes or my rib recipe.


5 thoughts on “Prince my ass – I am the King of Weekend BBQ

  1. guess which dog got into the trash this morning to gulp down the discarded carolina-bbq-misc-ham parts?

    trash dawg is gonna have the grumbles later, fo sho

    • That’s really really bad! There is a ton of broken glass in one of the trash bags form a vase that got accidentally hit by a hammer! I know that sounds like a cover story, but it actually was an accident. Regardless, we need ot be careful!

  2. how do you “accidentally” hit a vase with a hammer?

    also, i can’t believe trash dawg undid the tie in the trash bag. hungry stomach conquers all! i guess we should no longer be lazy about leaving the stuff on the deck

    • Without a video, its tough to explain. Cartoonishly, I had an arm full of vases (yes, we had like 3 or 4 on the table) and then decided, since it was all going to the basement, to try to grab the hammer, too. Hilarity and shatterlarity ensued.

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