For Your Reading Pleaseure – The Name of the Wind

WARNING: Fantasy-slash-Nerd-Genre book recommendation ensues.

As impulsive a buyer as I can be, I usually at least have a good source for recommendations. Typically this involves friends with whom I’ve had a long-standing dialogue about literature, and whose taste I d call refined.

This time, I bought a book because not one, but TWO members of the Penny Arcade team agreed that this book kicks complete ass-face.

The Name of the Wind is the start of a series by Patrick Rothfuss, an author who I discovered literally yesterday afternoon. It speaks to the quality of the book that within 24 hours I have bought the book on my Kindle, stayed up late and lost sleep reading it, and even made a preemptive recommendation based on the first 100 pages or so. Check out the free exerpt on his homepage and see what you think!

Without giving too much away, the book immediately takes off like a scene from the Inn of the Last Home, and I found myself thinking “Man, this is what Dragonlance could have been if Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman knew how to write!”

So check it out, and send me an email or a comment here to tell me what you think.


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