Prince of Your Mom

I just turned 30. I’m overweight, I drink too much, and I generally enjoy life to the fullest extent possible given my inherent laziness. As a present to myself for turning “adult,” I decided to start writing again and to start living life with a touch more honesty than usual. So much unhappiness seems to come from perception and expectation – that is to say, my own flaws as I imagine they’re perceived by the world, and my own unreasonable expectations for myself and my life (as well as for other people to act reasonably and/or logically).

I mean, let’s be honest for a moment – at 20 years old, I really imagined I’d be published, famous, and world-shaping by the time I was thirty. Instead, I’m over 200 lbs, coming off of mis-prescribed medications for mis-diagnosed medical issues, and struggling to find enjoyment out of anything besides novels and video games.

As an aside – level 80 Deathknight, Whisperwind – Horde. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

So I guess this is an attempt at actually writing about some of those things I do to sabotage myself.

But this is also an attempt at creating a forum to rant, to discuss music, to pontificate on literature, to get some feedback from my friends, to throw down some of my stupider ideas, and most importantly to make people laugh.

I miss making people laugh.

So be forewarned: there will be language, there will be snide remarks, there will be directed and contemplated over-the-top fury. Because at the end of the day, after 30 years, I can honestly say this: People are fucking idiots. And you all provide me with enough fodder to rant for the next 30 years.

Smooches and love,
Prince of Why


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